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I was born in the late 1960s in London, England. I lived in the London area until I was around eight and the moved out with my family to Buckinghamshire, where I lead a normal childhood and did okay in school and college.

During my teenage years I started two 'fanzines', one on comic books called Comicsworld, and another one on science fiction called SF Spectrum. Whilst Comicsworld published articles, columns and news information about the (mainly) American comic books of the time, SF Spectrum published poetry and prose from a great number of writers, some of whom are well known today.

Among those writers published in SF Spectrum were: Simon Clark (now a professional horror and science fiction author); Steve Sneyd (a prolific writer and poet, whose novella "Too Far Behind Gradina",  I published won the Year's Best Horror award); Nic (John) Howard (who wrote some very evocative pieces and excellent pieces of August Derleth, he now has his own website on similar authors).

Unfortunately due to personal problems I had to give up publishing the fanzines in the late 1980s - it was something I had enjoyed and I hope that those people who had subscribed to the titles then did get some pleasure from reading them.

After that I then worked in the library service for Buckinghamshire County Council. I spent almost the next decade working in a number of jobs in the library service, but primarily becoming more involved with computers. In the late 1990s I moved away: this time to East Anglia (where I currently live), and work in a support role for a local software company.

My hobbies include: animation, comic books, classic television programs (which covers a whole multitude of shows!), movies, old time radio shows, and computers.

I do use eBay from time to time, click on the eBay logo to see the About Me page I have there